Vegetarian Cannellini “Meatballs”

As the main cook in a household with a strict vegetarian, a carnivore and me falling somewhere in between, I often have to get creative when it comes to meal preparation. It’s often difficult to find a meal that everyone can enjoy. Often times when I make a meat-based dish, I try to find an appropriate substitute so that my veggie father won’t feel excluded, but it must also appeal to me to be worth the effort.

These cannellini bean based veggie “meatballs” do just that. They are hearty, flavorful and most important, they are not pretending to be meat. For the most part I find faux meat substitutes to be off-putting and tend to avoid using them. I find that when you use real ingredients, especially vegetarian ones your flavor payoff is exponentially greater.

As the warm weather approaches, I hope meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike will enjoy this lighter remake of an Italian classic.


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Bananas Foster Ice Cream

If there is one thing I crave on a consistent basis, it’s ice cream. Dare I say even more than chocolate (gasp!) Whether it be gelato, sorbetto, frozen yogurt or its classic incantation, there is nothing more satisfying than tucking into a pint to celebrate or remedy a no good, very bad day.

For this girl, there’s not much that ice cream can’t fix and in those bites of cold, creamy perfection I’m a kid again without a care in the world. For my most recent birthday I was gifted an Ice Cream & Gelato maker and have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make your own ice creams with aid of such a machine as well as how much better it tastes than the store bought cartons filled with unnatural ingredients I can’t pronounce.

I look forward to sharing my frozen concoctions with you on my ice cream journey. After all, I’ve never come across a flavor I didn’t like!

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Italian Style Meatballs

Growing up in an Italian household, pasta was frequently on the menu. I consider myself to be an anomaly, a non-pasta loving Italian who would rather dunk a loaf of bread into sauce than dig into a bowl of spaghetti or linguine.

The Italians among us are probably thinking disgrazia! and you’d be right. For me, pasta night was always about the lure of the moist and flavorful meatballs my mom would serve and how little pasta I could get away with eating.

To this day, the ratio of meatballs to pasta is still severely skewed. Some things never change. But with meatballs this good, who could blame me?


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