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Mom’s Turkey Stroganoff

Each day we creep closer and closer to winter and my beloved Holiday Season, which means my favorite type of food: comfort food. And what is more comforting than carbs, right? I have been wanting to tackle my mom’s Americanized “Hamburger” Stroganoff recipe for some time now, but hesitated feeling unsure it would taste like hers and fearing disappointment as she did not leave me her recipe. As in most things, my fears were for naught and I should have just trusted my memories to guide me in the right direction.

I love authentic Russian Stroganoff, but rarely have beef in fridge. I also lack the courage, skill and conviction to tackle making blini. I think I will leave tradition to the professionals! This Americanized version does pull from a similar flavor profile, savory mushrooms and tangy sour cream, and delivers an all together satisfying dish with a hint more tomato flavor to make a rich and delicious sauce for the pasta. Tucking into this hearty casserole on a cold day with a nice glass of wine, I’m sure you’ll find that this Turkey Stroganoff is every bit as comforting and delightful as its more refined namesake.

Turkey Stroganoff

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